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  • Career Solutions at its best!

    We assist high school and tertiary education students in choosing the correct study subjects and making resonsible career planning choices, working adults in essential planning for the future of their working life by making responsible career decisions and employers, recruiters and HR managers by evaluating employee strengths within the corporate environment to aid with strategic human resource planning.

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  • Are you a high school student needing career guidance?

    Suitable for all high school and tertiary students. Includes a career path inventory and evaluation of present individual functioning.

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  • Are you a working or studying adult?

    Suitable for all studying and/or working adults. Includes a career path inventory and evaluation of present individual functioning.

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  • Corporate Functioning Screening

    Ideal for employers, recruiters and HR managers. Includes an evaluation of employee(s) within your company's working environment as well as measurement against the job benchmark set by your company for existing or prospective staff to ensure job-to-candidate fit.

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  • Corporate Climate Audit

    Includes a climate audit to determine service delivery to current employees by measuring employee satisfaction in the workplace.

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Student Career Discovery and Subject Choices

For high school and tertiary students.


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Executive Career Assessments and Coaching

For working adults.

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Corporate Functioning Screening

Employers, recruiters and HR managers

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Corporate Climate Audit for Companies

Employers, business consultants and HR

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Client Testimonials

  • “The methods and tools used by Think Career are of world class standard, I would recommend their products and services to anyone on a career journey. It not only helped me during a time of immense confusion but was a critical step for me to change my path in the right direction! I will be eternally grateful for the blessing of being able to seek this career advice”.

    Happily Employed Now
  • Since doing the Think Career assessments I am so much more confident in my future career path, I guess you could say Think Career renewed my hope in my career”.

    Samantha Kvalsvig
    Teacher in training
  • The career assessments have literally changed the lives of three people in our family. First we tested my cousins in their early twenties who felt at a total loss as to what they wanted to do with their lives. They were despondent and overwhelmed by life but now after the career guidance they had clear direction, new vision and purpose for their life and now two years later they are almost qualified professionals and both happy in their career choices” Next my son was tested to assist with Grade 10 subject choices. What an eye-opener for him and us. We all feel much better that we understand his interests and his options. To have a vision, a dream and a goal makes a huge difference. I can definitely recommend these assessments

    Liezel van der Merwe
    Managing Director
  • The career assessment really helped me open my eyes and realise that I have got myself in a bit of a comfort zone as I did not carry on with my studies. I want to go back and finish my B com Business Degree so that I can better myself as I know I am capable of doing a lot more and can become a thriving business women

    Nikki Sarris
    Front Desk
  • We appointed Think Career in our company to assist with staff re-structuring. Not only did it assist us in management to make better choices but it also helped our staff realise where they were on their career journey. Many people discovered for the first time where their talents lie. It assisted us immensely in setting up our teams and putting the right people together which we wouldn’t have been able to do with Think Career

    Massimo Mancini
    Sales Director
  • I had to make changes to a key position in my business. There was very little room for error in appointing the wrong candidate. I used Think Career to assess the earmarked candidate and provide me with feedback. Not only did the assessments confirm my initial “gut-feel” about the candidate but it also quantitatively measured his strengths in the different areas that were important to me. Equally important it also highlighted and rated the weaknesses of the candidate and I know now where to focus training and management interventions.

    Jose Frazao
    Operations Director

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