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Choose a career that will enable you to flourish

Many people start out in life uncertain about which career to choose. They set out on what is probably the most important journey of their life with nothing but their gut feel, or expectations from the likes of parents who have guessed at what line of work they are likely to excel in, as their compass. Some experience no choice in the matter, or simply don’t know any better. To them, a career is a means to an end and they grab the first work opportunity they can get in the hope that they will learn to love what they do. Soon, these people find themselves tied down in a job they don’t particularly like, or even hate. They feel they have no other choice. Others follow their interests or persue a career related to their hobbies, and while this is marginally better, it doesn’t always lead to success.

Think Career offers a scientific, proven approach to making better career decisions about where to apply your talents. At Think Career, we provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions about your career, no matter where you are in life, so that you are able to work toward a work situation that will enable you to reach your full potential and take you closer to experiencing ultimate fulfillment.

People who choose the right career are more likely to be successful.

Research has shows that an overwhelming number of people choose either the wrong job, wrong environment or are currently employed in a job they don’t really enjoy. The result is that many of them feel disengaged, bored, dissatisfied or unfulfilled.

On the other hand, people who invest in themselves by taking the time to understand their talents and unique motivators are far happier because they are able to choose a career that matches their professional makeup.

People who have the opportunity to focus on their strengths every day are six times more likely to feel successful in their jobs. They are more productive, too, both individually and in teams. What’s more, they are more than three times more likely to claim that they have an ‘excellent quality of life’.

Don't waste money on the wrong career path.

An alarming number of university students drop out of the course they initially enrolled for. This is because many students realise far too late that they have chosen the wrong career path. Added to this is the fact that 52% of people don’t end up doing what they studied to do at university. What’s more, 83% of graduates either end up in the wrong job or bitterly unhappy at work.

Choosing the wrong career path not only wastes large amounts of money, but also valuable time which could have been spent on pursuing the right career path and experiencing a taste of real success.

With the right advice, today’s career choice can influence tomorrow’s quality of life...

Companies, too, are wasting vast sums of money recruiting and training the wrong individuals. More effort should be spent on getting the right individuals into the right positions. Money should be spent on making quality decisions about human resources and on investing in skills development and training for the specific people a company has earmarked to invest in.

New direction gives hope for the future

Unhappiness in the workplace isn’t always a result of incorrect career choice; it could simply mean that a person’s current work environment is not compatible with their unique motivators or professional makeup. This is when changing work environments, to one which is better aligned with these motivators, can produce a sense of new hope for the future.

Let Think Career help you to get it right the first time, or assist you to make meaningful changes.

Invest in your child's happiness

Only 23% of school-leavers admit to being fully comfortable with their career choice. Parents should dedicate time and resources to investing in career choice interventions for their children instead of trying to ‘sell’ their children the career path they have in mind for them. Even though their intentions are often good, this behaviour can encourage the wrong career path and in many cases, they are simply setting their children up for failure – it will be a matter of time before their child experiences a ‘study crisis’, or even worse, a career crisis once employed.

It is extremely difficult to change career paths – rather let Think Career help your child make a wise choice from the outset.

Employers must attract and retain top talent

Quality of human resources is one of the most critical success factors in any company. This includes not only staff contribution to the work at hand, but also the quality of staff as human capita, and more specific as psychological capital, of a business. Successful human resources starts with employing the right people and then keeping the right people engaged and committed. It’s all about getting the right people on the bus in the first place, and then making sure each person is indeed sitting in the right seat. With this is place, a company will be successful going forward. The alternative to this is high staff turnover and an unproductive workforce which over time can ruin any business.

Assess future employees to make the right choice

We all know what it’s like to spend time, money and effort on recruiting a new staff member only to realise six months down the line that they were the wrong hire. Everyone loses, including the staff member that is now a non-performer. What’s more, a company then becomes embroiled in red tape to replace the person that they thought could do the job in the first place. Think Career assists in reducing the risk of making the wrong decision once you have a short list of candidates in place.

Use the correct aid when restructuring

If you aren’t restructuring your staff from time to time, you may be at risk of stagnating in terms of your corporate environment. Positive staff changes can deliver great results for companies and if done correctly, can contribute directly to a business’ bottom line. Happy staff members equal happy customers. Think Career will assist you in making the correct job shifts. The process of restructuring is too delicate to make the wrong decisions.